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Welcome to Brunch Budapest, which aims to bring together the best restaurants in Budapest, while providing an enjoyable and totally independent guide to the culinary jungle of the capital and the stories of the people behind them.

Unlike blogs run by other influencers or Instagramers, we’ll rather be behind the scenes, so you won’t find many pictures of us on the site. The main focus is on the restaurants of Budapest, and we are just the narrators who present these places in detail. Budapest is a unique dining destination with a complex culinary history that has experienced an unprecedented growth in the last decade. And our team is determined to become the most reliable and independent source of information about meals in the capital city of Hungary.

In recent years, the number of restaurants in the capital has grown steadily, as has their offers: from traditional Hungarian cuisine, we have the opportunity to get to know and try the specialties and flavors of any country in the world. With the help of our website, we would like to present these restaurants as well, giving you the opportunity to find the best restaurant in Budapest.

When compiling our site, it was extremely important for us to consider the needs of everyone, be it any special diet or other factors. Whether you want to visit somewhere with your friends, family or your beloved pet, you’ll definitely find the restaurant that suits you best on our site!

In addition to our constantly growing list of restaurants, we also regularly upload blog posts, where we would like to introduce you to Budapest’s world of brunch with a presentation about a particular restaurant or other interesting topics.

We hope you will find a restaurant on our site that has piqued your interest or that you may not have heard of yet. Either way, don’t forget to capture those moments too! And feel free to share your experiences and pictures with us on our social media!

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