Sophisto Champagne Bar

Immerse yourself in the wide selection of champagnes and discover the real specialties of the Sophisto Champagne Bar!

The Sophisto Champagne Bar opened in the city center with its bubbly atmosphere, right next to St. Stephen’s Basilica. Even before the opening, the Sophisto team formulated its main goal: to promote the centuries-old tradition of champagne and the associated gastronomic culture in Budapest. Sophisto brings the best quality of bubbles from small Hungarian champagne houses to great French classics.

The elegant design of Sophisto speaks for itself – entering an environment with such a design really contributes to the cosmopolitan feeling of life. The view of the basilica, the harmony of the colors of the place, the uniquely designed lamps and plates and every little detail are in perfect harmony with each other.

Bottomless Brunch, relaxed afternoon sipping, elegant evening dinner

Although sparkling wines, cava, champagnes, prosecco and a wide selection of wines are the main focus, Sophisto welcomes its guests with an exciting brunch menu and a special dinner. True to our name, we chose from the brunch menu – you can find more information about the dinner here. (image credit: Santos Productions)

The brunch menu offers almost as many options as the drinks list. Popular versions of various egg breakfasts are also available here, but if you want something more special, you are definitely in the right place! From omelets to fried eggs to poached eggs, all options are available here, including dishes such as Maltese or Norwegian omelets, or Florentine eggs benedict, which is served with creamy spinach, bechamel sauce and hazelnuts. In addition to egg breakfasts, you can choose from grilled bagels, French croques and a full English breakfast.
Sweet breakfasts are also on the Sophisto menu: desserts according to the current offer, American pancakes, granola and chia pudding. In addition, there are fresh pastries, smoothies and vitamin shots, as well as coffee specialties on the menu.
And we left the best for last – the bottomless brunch available under the name Sophisto Signature Super Brunch, which includes unlimited drinks and several breakfasts!

Premium environment, above-standard service

Our choices fell on the Royale Eggs Benedict, the Italian Grilled Bagel and the Sophisto Croque. The poached eggs come with a butter muffin made according to our own recipe, but can also be ordered with sourdough, whole grain, rye buns if required. The taste harmony of the homemade hollandaise sauce and the smoked salmon was perfect, which was only raised even higher by the salmon caviar!
The Italian grilled bagel contained a generous amount of prosciutto ham and mozzarella cheese, paired with sun-dried tomatoes and pesto. And the Sophisto croque is made from unique ingredients such as mustard bechamel sauce, truffle oil, Parmesan cheese and prosciutto ham. For dessert, we chose an American pancake, which was served with fresh berries.

Sophisto Brut Nature

During our visit, we were among the first to taste Sophisto’s own brut nature champagne. Sophisto’s own champagne is the joint work of a decade of acquaintance. The raw material for brut nature, which is made from 100% furmint, comes from the Fehérvár estate in the Somló wine region, which is bottled after 18 months of dry aging. As we learned, this time is relatively insignificant when making champagnes, but this short time allows the champagne to be an airy, light-tasting drink dominated by fresh green apple notes. It was really a perfect choice for our brunch, the character of the champagne perfectly matched the food served.

We recommend the Sophisto Champagne Bar to everyone, no matter how experienced you are in the world of champagne. Thanks to the helpful service, at Sophisto we can learn in detail about the characteristics and special properties of each drink, as well as receive recommendations on which champagne would go best with the food we have chosen.

In summary, we recommend Sophisto to everyone, as we have such an enthusiastic team waiting for us, whose expertise and commitment to their profession are outstanding, and we can start our day in a place with a great design and location.